Mohawk College - Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades

481 Barton Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada | Public University | Established 1966

About us

One of the largest government-funded colleges in Ontario, Mohawk College's enrollment includes more than 4,000 international students from more than 90 countries around the world. Mohawk College is proud to offer students a rich learning environment that includes an amazing variety of experiential learning opportunities from co-op programs to labs and simulations. The dynamic faculty teaches 170 programs in various specialties, which include healthcare, technology and business, skilled trades, as well as a vast array of other subjects. There are over 100 programs open to international students.

The international student population is a thriving part of the Mohawk College culture. Mohawk supports international students with dedicated staff, services, social opportunities, language training and more. There are events just for international students, such as student success workshops, film recommendations, coffee clubs to get to know other students, and much more. In addition, international students come from around the world to learn English from English-speaking teachers at Mohawk College in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) ESL programs.

Why Mohawk College - Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades

  • Campus: Mohawk College's Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades is the home of the Marshall School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship.

  • Facilities: With top technology and professional facilities for the skilled trades, Mohawk College grads are in high demand. At Mohawk College, students will obtain job-ready training and in-school education to step into tomorrow’s workforce.

  • Location: Stoney Creek is located about 20 minutes from downtown Hamilton, so students can access everything that a big city like Hamilton offers while living and studying in a smaller town. Stoney Creek is very close to many natural areas where students can hike, bike, and visit some of Hamilton's many waterfalls. Hamilton is the "Waterfall Capital of the World" that boasts over 100 waterfalls in the area.

  • Vision and Values: Mohawk College's vision is "Future ready. Learning of life." Mohawk educates and prepares highly skilled graduates for success and contribution to community, Canada and the world. Mohawk College's values include: student focus; commitment to excellence; engagement with the community; inclusivity; and accountability.


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