Red River College - Exchange District Campus (Roblin Centre)

160 Princess Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Public University | Established 1938

About us

Red River College (RRC) is a community college located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is the province’s largest institute of applied learning and applied research, with over 200 degree, diploma and certificate programs and more than 30,000 enrollments annually. Through award-winning instruction and training on state-of-the-art equipment across nine campuses, Red River College prepares its students to become leaders in their chosen fields, while partnering with industry to conduct research and keep curriculum up-to-date.

Red River College takes pride in its students’ achievements. The University's goal is to provide the highest quality education available, leading its learners straight to employment. Red River College strives to keep its curriculum on the cutting edge through partnerships with industry and by using state-of-the-art equipment. The University's aim is to steadily meet and exceed the job market’s evolving requirements. Staff and faculty are dedicated to ensuring each student is armed with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to succeed in today’s multi-skilled workforce.

Why Red River College

  • Campus: Red River College's Residence is located in one of Winnipeg's most vibrant neighbourhoods - it is the perfect home away from home.

  • Co-op Education: Students have the unique opportunity to apply their skills and engage in meaningful work outside of the classroom in a College-approved work placement.

  • Athletics: Red River College students can join a wide range of varsity sports, volleyball, basketball, soccer and futsal.

  • Fitness Facilities: The College also has an on-campus fitness classes, massage therapy, personal fitness assessments and so much more.


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Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
Advanced College Diploma - 3D Computer Graphics 3 Year CAD 16,959
College Certificate - Applied Accounting 1 Year CAD 14,485
College Certificate - Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing 1 Year CAD 14,263
College Certificate - Network Services Technician 1 Year CAD 17,517
College Diploma - Business Administration 2 Year CAD 14,283
College Diploma - Business Information Technology (Co-op) 2 Year CAD 15,923
College Diploma - Business Technology Management (Co-op) (Evening Delivery) 2 Year CAD 16,685
College Diploma - Creative Communications 2 Year CAD 16,149
College Diploma - First Year - Electrical Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) (Exchange District to Notre Dame Campus) 2 Year CAD 16,689
College Diploma - Graphic Design 2 Year CAD 16,149
College Diploma - Library and Information Technology 2 Year CAD 15,497
College Diploma - Hospitality and Tourism Management (Co-op) 2 Year CAD 15,765
College Certificate - Professional Baking and Pastry (Co-op) (Paterson GlobalFoods Institute Campus) 1 Year CAD 11,390
Intensive English for International Students (Language Training Centre Campus) 1 Year CAD 13,665
Post Graduate Diploma - Information Security (Optional Co-op) 1.8 Year CAD 16,759
Advanced College Diploma - Communication Design 3 Year CAD 16,255
College Certificate - Digital Media Design 1 Year CAD 16,534
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Admission Requirements

Courses Exams
Diploma Course
  • Min TOEFL iBT: 83 (Min Reading: 19.0, Min Writing: 24.0, Min Listening: 20.0, Min Speaking: 20.0)
  • Min IELTS overall: 6.5 (Min Reading: 6.5, Min Writing: 6.5, Min Listening: 6.5, Min Speaking: 6.5)
  • Min Duolingo English Test Score: 115
Certificate Course
  • Min TOEFL iBT: 80 (Min Reading: 19.0, Min Writing: 21.0, Min Listening: 20.0, Min Speaking: 20.0)
  • Min IELTS overall: 6.5 (Min Reading: 6.5, Min Writing: 6.0, Min Listening: 6.5, Min Speaking: 6.5)
  • Min Duolingo English Test Score: 115
English Course

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