St. Stephen's University

8 Main Street, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada | Private University | Established 1975

About us

St. Stephen's University is intentionally small, and is proudly Canada’s smallest university with a maximum of 30 students in each year group. There are no lecture theatres on campus – learning happens around a table with professors who know each and every student very well. SSU thinks transformative education happens much better in this context, and this philosophy transforms every aspect of their educational approach; in this environment students learn how to listen to and learn from diverse perspectives, and how to articulate their own ideas and opinions with courage and clarity. Professors are able to tailor their teaching to each individual as each one discovers their career path.

Sharing daily life together is at the heart of the SSU experience. Students actively contribute to the daily running of the university, sharing cooking and cleaning duties alongside their academic studies. Student experience is centred around the family home-like environment SSU creates in the 19th Century mansion that is the hub of the campus.

The student experience that is the biggest draw is SSU's totally unique travel program. All degree programs include two terms of world travel in which students travel with their whole class and professors in Europe and Asia, for full credit. This cross-cultural exposure broadens their perspectives and raises awareness of pressing global issues.

Why St. Stephen's University

Community-Focused Programs: While maintaining a broad liberal arts base, the curriculum involves students in practical work opportunities in local non-profits and businesses. Students serve the rural town in this way by contributing to the well-being of the people of St. Stephen - students have an impact on the whole town, as well as the wider community in the corner of rural New Brunswick. SSU students are civic minded and globally aware, and they tend to be drawn to careers that engage with global social problems.

Intimate Learning Environment: SSU believes that students flourish in a learning environment that values and accepts them, and their small size means nobody falls through the cracks. They are passionate about creating a welcoming, inclusive, affirming place where everyone can feel accepted and included. SSU welcomes any student who wants to respectfully join their community, regardless of background, beliefs or sexual orientation. They believe that this prepares graduates to be open-minded, socially aware community contributors who value justice, beauty and compassion. 


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