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800 South Main Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA | Public University | Established 1908

About us

James Madison University offers programs on the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels with its primary emphasis on the undergraduate student. Established March 14, 1908, JMU has been a coeducational institution since 1966. James Madison University combines the best of research-based universities and small liberal arts institutions. Professors include undergraduates in research opportunities. They care about students’ well-being beyond the classroom. After graduation, students are welcomed to a prestigious network of 120,000 Dukes who are passionate about James Madison University and who help each other succeed. We are a community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.

Why James Madison University

Engaged learning happens everywhere at JMU. Every discussion. Every lab. Every study group. Every team project. Every interaction with a professor.

Our professors don’t just disseminate knowledge. They engage you in discussion and critical thinking. They challenge you to create, innovate and collaborate to come up with solutions to complex problems. They work alongside you in the classroom, in conducting research, and during study abroad and service learning trips. We fully embody our mission: Be the Change, living lives that impact society.

Note: This school offers both pathway and direct entry programs. Pathway programs are designed for students who meet the academic requirements for the program but do not meet the required English language proficiency scores. In this case, the student will study English in combination with their academic program. If the student meets both the program’s academic and English language proficiency requirements for direct admission, apply to the direct entry program.


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