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1701 Broadway, Seattle, Washington, USA | Public University | Established 1966

About us

Seattle Central College is located on Capitol Hill, the vibrant urban center of Seattle life. We are an educational home for our students, a leadership incubator for our community and an economic catalyst for our state and beyond. Since 1966, the college has served the higher education and workforce training needs of more than 500,000 students.

Whatever you want to do, we have a program to help you do it. Three bachelor's degrees, 29 associate degrees and 16 professional certificates in 26 programs of study. Almost half of our students are working towards Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees to prepare them for transfer to four–year colleges or universities. To build successful careers, about a third of our students pursue career training programs to learn marketable skills in fields such as healthcare, information technology, business, culinary arts, maritime, social and human services and more. We also serve students with courses in basic studies, continuing education and other programs.

The true strength of our college is our incredible teaching and learning environment. Our teachers are nationally known for their dedication to student success, and it shows. From the large number of our students who transfer to the University of Washington each year, to those running successful businesses, standing out in arts and music or as community leaders – we are committed to helping our students thrive in whatever they choose to do.

We were Seattle’s first community college. We started on the outskirts of downtown in 1966, and grew into a thriving center for higher education in the heart of the city. For 50 years, we have made higher education a possibility for a wide variety of students in Seattle and surrounding areas. Although our home is Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, our perspective is global, with the nation’s sixth-largest community or technical college international program. Each year, we host more than 2,000 students from around the world.

Seattle Central College is one of the most diverse colleges in Washington state, which is great, but what makes us most proud is that our student body is a true reflection of our community. We draw people from all walks of life who want to improve their lives. They represent a multitude of ages, races, ethnicities and backgrounds. From high school students and recent grads just starting out, to mid–career professionals looking to add new skills (many of whom are juggling work and family) – Seattle Central welcomes you.

Why Seattle Central College

Here are some of the great reasons students choose to come to Seattle Central:

  • Location - Seattle Central is THE only community college in downtown Seattle. All others are miles away. Shops, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, museums, libraries, movie theaters, city parks, and sport facilities are all just a short walk or bus ride away from our campus!

  • National awards and recognition - Seattle Central was named “College of the Year” in a one-time study by TIME Magazine and recognized by the New York Times as one of the best community colleges nationwide in the article, “For Achievers, A New Destination.”

  • Large student body - Seattle Central hosts more than 10,000 U.S. students and 1,500 international students. In terms of numbers of international students, our school is #4 out of all 1,200 community colleges nationwide.

  • About 70 countries represented - Seattle Central is one of the most international and diverse campuses nationwide. International students account for about 15% of our total student body. You will feel right at home, make friends from all over the world, and learn about many different cultures on our campus.

  • Housing options - Seattle Central has it all: brand new apartments right on campus, many apartment buildings nearby, and homestay agencies that can help you find the perfect host family.

  • Student Leadership Office - Seattle Central offers students lots of opportunities to get involved, volunteer, and learn skills outside the classroom. With 80+ clubs, weekly workshops, free activities and events, our renowned Student Leadership Office has plenty to keep you busy after class!

  • Student Development Transcript - Seattle Central knows the recipe to success: good grades + leadership skills + volunteer experience = your entry to the TOP U.S. universities. Seattle Central highlights all your extra-curricular accomplishments in a special transcript so you can stand out from the crowd!

  • Highly-ranked universities within minutes - Seattle Central is located within 10 minutes of two high-ranking U.S. universities: University of Washington and Seattle University. Both accept many of our students every year. So when it is time for you to transfer and continue on with your studies, you won’t have to go very far!


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