Why Study in Mauritius

Mauritius is known as a fascinating and mesmerizing island paradise with turquoise blue seas, white sandy beaches, and luxury hotels found everywhere.

International students who are planning on pursuing their further education abroad can count Mauritius as their desired study destination as the country has a world-class education system at affordable rates and a society that is economically and politically stable that blends all the cultures of different parts of the world.

As a student, Mauritius is regarded as one of the suitable locations as they can find a broad range of courses as per their demand and considering future opportunities. There is much more than courses that hold Mauritius desirable, let’s find out what are those points.

  • World-class Education

Many countries have a world-class education system but Mauritius not only stands tall on the educational ground but is a tourist hub which makes it preferable to the others. Students are sure to get a high-quality education that will help them in future employment prospects and make each student globally recognized with its degree.

  • Various Courses

When it is about providing substantial information regarding the field of study, there are very few countries that can compete with Mauritius. With universities offering high-quality education to international students, they are also given a wide range of choices for various courses to choose from in numerous fields like Information Technology, Finance, Medical, Engineering, Tourism, Hotel Management, and many more.

  • Budget-Friendly Education

There are many countries where students can pursue their further education but along with pursuing education, they will have to bear heavy expense over the tuition fees and that is where Mauritius stands with its high-quality education at affordable cost, helping students with budget-friendly tuition fees. Moreover, if student plans on completing their education from a college than the cost of studying would be less as compared to some universities.

  • Cultural Diversity

Students from all over the globe come to Mauritius for pursuing their further studies and so the country is a diverse nation with people from different backgrounds and varied cultures. This not only enables a student in learning new things but helps them in broadening their horizon and settle quickly.

  • Educational Institutes

Mauritius is transforming into a knowledge-based economy, with the country thriving as an educational hub where the focus is entirely on the educational sector where international students will not only have numerous program and courses to choose from but the country has developed its state-of-the-art infrastructure and added a lot many amenities for students to utilize for their convenience. 


Advantages of Studying In Mauritius

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a nation with diverse cultures and religions where people coming from different parts of the world live together in harmony and peace with each other.

For international students planning their further studies in Mauritius has a scope of achieving full-fledged academic course with a wide range of programs available that suits their needs and provides unmatched opportunities for their future.

  • Employment Opportunities

With world-class education and various choices of programs, Malaysia is a dream country as it provides employment opportunities to all the aspirants looking to build a future in Mauritius.

  • Safe Country

For international students who are alone and away from their home country, safety becomes a necessary point and Mauritius is considered a safe and peaceful place. Students can easily make friends and have a good bonding with the locals as people are quite welcoming in nature, giving space to new entrants to get comfortable and feel at home.

  • Hassle-free Visa Process

Visa Process is usually considered long and tedious but acquiring a student visa for Mauritius is quite hassle-free. Students applying for Mauritius student visas need not take any pressure as students are relaxed from the frightening visa interviews. Moreover, students need not pay their initial installments for the university until they have obtained their student visas and are ready to fly.

  • Bilingual Environment

English is generally accepted and taken as the official language of Mauritius where most of the lectures in the universities are even conducted in English and a few of them in French. Thus, it becomes easy for international students to settle and adjust well to the new environment quickly.

  • Global Education Experience

Some private universities like Middlesex University and Curtin University in Mauritius provide global exchange opportunities to its students that will allow students to complete their first year here in Mauritius and continue their further respective years at one of these universities campuses around the world. 

  • Home to Multinational Companies

Most overseas study destinations attract students due to their academic backgrounds and Mauritius not only has a world-class education system, but it is home to some multinational companies from various industries. So, students will not only gain hands-on practical experience while studying but they will be able to build a bright career.


Life In Mauritius

From beautiful exotic locations with white sandy beaches and swimming alongside dolphins to exploring a port city rich in culture, Mauritius has a lot to offer to international students planning to pursue their further studies here.

The country is covered with lush green forest, snow-capped mountains, and aquamarine lagoons that now the students have started considering Mauritius as a study destination.

Along with world-class education facilities and degrees acquired from top universities at an affordable cost, Mauritius is definitely becoming a preferable choice among international students.

  • The Food

Mauritius is rich in culture with people coming from different parts of the world and thus the country has eclectic culinary tradition combined with elements of French, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Students will have many options to explore where they can try a variety of food items all around the country.

  • Beautiful Beaches

Mauritius is popularly known for its tropical and white sandy beaches where students enjoy the sound of waves under the shady palm trees or enjoy taking a swim as an outdoor adventure with their friends over the weekends.

  • Recreational Activities

Apart from enjoying various delicacies and strolling through the beaches, Mauritius has some of the best leisure activities that all the international students can enjoy while they are studying here like Jeep Safaris, Submarine Experience, Flyboarding, Swimming with dolphins, and many more.

  • Easy Accessibility

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean and is conveniently connected to all the nearby continents with direct and frequent flights across Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia making it suitable for international students to explore new places over their holidays.

  • Weather Conditions

Mauritius has moderate weather conditions which makes it easier for international students to adapt and adjust quickly. It’s never too cold or hot in Mauritius and usually, the temperature is between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.


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