Why Study in Singapore

Singapore is widely known for its multicultural environment where there is a combination of cultures that surrounds the country and is a hub for tech with exceptionally planned urban cities, making it rank amongst the World?s Greatest City.

The country has prospered over the years because of trade and tourism and the capital city of the country covers over a third of the area of the main island. The country is said to have the most number of visitors who are sure to enjoy safe, clean, and present-time public arrangements if they travel around the cities.

International students who plan to study in Singapore will surely have a great future perspective as the country tops the impressive list of achievements with universities ranking 6th on the list of most compatible cities for international students.

High standard of Education

Singapore offers a progressive education system with universities ranking in the top as per theQS World University Ranking system and is reviewed as one of the most desirous study destinations for international students. The universities are acknowledged particularly for their high quality of education, with various options of courses to choose from.

Globally recognized degrees

Degrees acquired from Singapore universities holds a global reputation because of their high quality of education in terms of research and innovation which helps freshly passed out graduates and postgraduates in finding a job in their field of expertise as there are plenty of employment opportunities waiting for international students once they have completed their further education.

Safe country for international students

Singapore is not just a clean, diverse, and beautiful country, but it is one of the safest nations to reside in. There are severe punishments and firm laws and regulations for different types of crime being committed in the country which ultimately allows international students to live in peace. Also, the modern infrastructure and suitable transport facility make it unchallenging for international students to roam around the country.

Exposure to different cultures

Singapore is a small country but is rich in different cultures with people coming from various religions and is considered to be the land of diversity. The country is a one-stop destination for international students coming from the UK, USA, India, and other parts of the world as universities like Curtin University of Australia, Shanghai Jiaotong University of China, and more have their international campuses situated here. This allows the students to choose from loads of opportunities and let them discover and learn about various cultures from around the world.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Singapore is best as compared to other foreign countries as it offers the number one facilities in terms of leisure, entertainment, health benefits, and transportation to international students at an affordable cost. Students coming to Singapore can have options to either live on campus or off campus whichever suits them the most as the average cost of living per month would be around SGD 750 and 2000.

No language barrier

International students who are pursuing their education in Singapore will hardly face any problems as Singapore is an English-speaking country where most of the courses are offered in this language enabling students to choose from varied programs.

Advantages of Studying In Singapore

Singapore stands out as the top preference for international students planning to pursue their education abroad after the UK, USA, and Canada as the students have started exploring more alternatives that have the right potential of providing not only quality education but great employment opportunities.

Also, it is one such country that is growing steadily with highly developed infrastructure and its excellent education system, creating more lucrative options for attracting international students not only geographically but also culturally. Hence, we can say the country has all that a student needs.

A wide array of Courses and Programs

Singapore is often a considerable option for international students looking to study abroad as the country has a wide range of courses and programs available for students to choose from. Also, the country is known for its innovativeness, startups, and business where students will be able to explore a desirable course and complete their education in the same.

Highly developed industries

Singapore is a consumer-driven economy with big sectors of telecom, banking, and logistics that have marked their presence in the world in the island country. The country is even rich in innovation and research where companies constantly look up for young talents where the students can be exposed to real-life situations and gain hands-on experience. The companies even organize internship programs and have tie-ups with their universities, creating an arena for them to learn and grow.

Easily Accessible

Studying abroad is a tough decision for many students as leaving your home country and shifting to a foreign country with new people, culture and environment is altogether a different experience. And when the matter is about traveling for more than 18 hours or so, it puts everyone into the dilemma and so Singapore is preferred by international students as in comparison to the USA, Australia, and the UK, the duration to reach Singapore is quite less which makes it hassle-free for students as well as for family members to commute with ease.

City life

Singapore is a lively city with happening people and full of fun activities throughout the day time and also in the evening. International students will have plenty of options to explore from food to shops, to parks, and many more. Moreover, students who like to enjoy their night time with their friends can also enjoy shops, restaurants, and other attractions after their study hours.

Easy network for traveling

Singapore?s Changi Airport is well built and is the best connected in the world with more than 100 airlines running around 300 cities. It is a very convenient option for international students to travel and commute to different countries and citieswith regular flights at affordable rates.

Job opportunities

International students pursuing their education in Singapore are eligible to work part-time for 16 hours a week during their duration of the course and for unlimited hours during holidays. Also, students need to know that this particular option is available to them only if it is permitted by their university. Once the students have completed their education, they can apply for aLong-Term Visit Pass which allows them to stay for another year in Singapore even if they haven?t joined any company immediately after passing out and within this span of time if the students have started working for a firm, they will be licensed with a Work Pass which authorizes them to work in Singapore after they have received their degree.

Affordable Education

Pursuing further studies abroad is no more a trend but every student?s dream these days. However, foreign education can be a costly affair considering the tuition fees, living costs, or even the daily expenses for a student. But the university expenses and living cost in Singapore is quite affordable as compared to the USA, UK or Canada. International students can manage their expenses if they plan out their budget well in advance and also, students are offered scholarships which makes it more of a feasible option.

Life In Singapore

Quality of life is usually associated with how good one feels about one’s life and Singapore stands for that as the country has been ranked as the top city in terms of quality of living.

Singapore’s unparalleled city planning and its breathtaking superiority in tech have earned Singapore the title of the “World’s Greatest City”. Students pursuing their education will have the experience of a lifetime while looking at their future employment prospects.

Moreover, students can also explore various places and learn new things while they are in the country during their weekends.

  • Recreational Activities

Shopping and Dining with friends over the weekends is surely two of the most popular things students go for in Singapore. Also, the country is enriched with varied cultures and has a vibrant nightlife with several dance clubs that are among the best choices for students. There are even music concerts, cultural performances, or art festivals that students can visit and enjoy with their friends.

  • Culture

Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore is highly developed and has a cultural diversity with four major ethnic groups- Chinese, Indians, Malay, and Eurasians. Students who wish to explore more about the country and its culture can always visit through the heritage trails on the island which will take you to various historical monuments.

  • Transport

Singapore’s ideal geographical location makes it suitable for students to explore different areas and travel to different places with ease. Students during their holidays or short breaks can travel to other Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, or even India as the flights are no longer than 5 to 6 hours.

  • Food

Singapore being culturally enriched has a lot of cuisines for students to try out and is popularly known as food-lovers paradise. Most students have difficulty in deciding which food choice to prefer over the other. Also, students can find food courts, cafes, restaurants everything at quite affordable rates.

  • Sports and Leisure

There are plenty of options for those who enjoy sports, as Singapore caters to world-class facilities for all kinds of sports even during winters. So, students not only can explore the country by visiting various museums, events, or restaurants but can also enjoy sport’s events and can participate too.


Popular Courses

With various technological companies having offices in Singapore and some institutions offering scholarship programs to international studentswhile having an option to work in Singapore, the country has become a popular study destination for many students.

Some of the popular courses for international students are:

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Architecture
  • Animation
  • Graphic Designing
  • Game Development
  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Law

Cost of Studies

  • Master’s Degree- S$10,000- 29,000 per annum
  • Bachelor’s Degree- S$9000- 34,000 per annum
  • Diploma- S$6000- 8000 per annum
  • Living Expenses- S$3600- 24,000 per annum


Note: Fees shown above may vary depending upon the kind of Program and Institution (University/College), you have chosen for yourself.


Intake Periods

There are two intakes in Singapore,

  • First Intake, in the month of August
  • Second Intake, in the month of February

Employment Prospects

Students who have opted for a full-time study program at a university in Singapore will not be allowed to work for more than 16 hours every week, but they can choose to work full time during their holidays. Students who are working within the permitted limit need not apply for an approval from the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. Also, students must be aware that those who are enrolled with an institution which is officially registered under the Ministry of Manpower, will be eligible for these rights.

Singapore also offers a Tuition Grant Scheme under which students will have to work compulsorily for a company registered in Singapore for three years and to avoid any kind of complications in the future, students must change their status for Student's Pass as soon as they graduate. Once the students have finished their further studies and they do not have a job, they can apply for a Long Term Visit Pass which allows them to stay in Singapore.

Singapore, despite its size, has a number of job opportunities in various sectors:

  • Construction
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Healthcare

Students will constantly need to look for these opportunities in newspapers or online job portals and once they get a job, they will have to apply for a Work Pass to be able to work as a full-time employee in Singapore.

Universities in Singapore offer Internships and Industrial Programs to students so that they get to acquire practical experience by having a better understanding in their field of education.
These internships generally last for about 5 to 6 months and if students perform exceptionally well during their serving period as an intern, they can even get an employment offer by that company. Moreover, these internships do not require a Work Pass from the students and are usually paid.

International students who have skills and mid-level expertise can also apply for S Pass, where they would require the student to have a job offer with a fixed salary of not more than 2200 Singapore Dollars. Along with this, students must have relevant work experience as per their education.

Documents Required

Before understanding what the application process is and how you can fly down to your dream country, let us first see what all documents are needed.

Applications for the Student Pass should be made at least a month before the start of the semester or academic year.

  • Valid identity card
  • Passport-style recent photograph
  • Letter of acceptance from a Singaporean university
  • Printed copy of the eForm 16 and Form V36 (from SOLAR*)
  • Comprehensive study plan (signed)
  • Medical certificate (consistent with the ICA format)
  • In-principle approval letter
  • Required standardized test scores (i.e. GRE, GMAT, IELTS)
  • Application fees (SGD30 or $22 upon submission of application, and SGD60 or $44 upon the issuance of the Student Pass)
  • Birth certificate*
  • Academic certifications*
  • Academic transcripts*
  • Proof of financial capability**

*SOLAR- (Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration)

*These are the documents that are needed by the applicants who are supposed to attend an interview at the Singaporean Embassy.

**This may come in the form of bank statements where applicants are required to have a security deposit in the amount of SGD 5,000 ($3,600).


Note: Students must translate all the documents to English which are written in another language.

Visa Process

Universities and Colleges in Singapore mostly accept all the applications online only whereas there are few private universities who are willing to accept paper applications or offline applications from students.
Students who are applying to a university or college online, must visit the apply section and should create a username and password along with the form attached there.

Singapore has quite a few universities that allows the students to upload their documents online while universities those who require physical copies of your documents may request you to courier them with the application form. Students must submit their applications at least a couple of months before the deadline arrives.

It is extremely important for students to note that while applying to the Universities in Singapore, they need to be present in the country while their applications are being considered. Moreover, students are required to apply for a Student's Pass before flying down to Singapore as extensions are not available when the applications are being processed by the universities. Thus, students who have been accepted will be issued their passes within a month of their applications being approved.

As per your university and the course that you may have chosen, students are required to appear for IELTS/ TOEFL as well as GRE/ GMAT exams.

Students must have all their documentations like school certificates, degree certificates for each semester, a copy of their passport and few relevant documents ready for the submission upon request.

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