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Calgary, Alberta | Public University | Established 1965

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Since 1965, Bow Valley College has prided itself on being a student-focused community college that is immensely diverse. That diversity is reflected across the breadth and depth of their programming scope, including foundational skills development and English language learning. They offer certificate and diploma programs in health care, community services, business and creative technologies and many of their career programs include work experience. This means students will get hands-on experience before they graduate. If one already has a degree, the post-diploma certificates give students the fast, focused skills to keep moving forward in their career. Regardless of where a student is beginning, Bow Valley offers support services that help them succeed. Programs are designed in partnership with industry leaders to make sure the skills they teach are the skills employers want. Bow Valley's experienced instructors want to see students reach their goals. So, get ready for an exciting career journey with programs that get students job-ready in one or two years, support services that set them up for success and flexible learning options that fit their life.

Why Bow Valley College 

Campus life: Bow Valley wants students to have the best experience on campus, so they offer volunteer opportunities, student events, student services, workshops and engagement activities year-round to make the most of student's time at Bow Valley College. Activities and programming are designed to allow international and Canadian learners to connect, develop intercultural skills and build strength through volunteer opportunities

Facilities: Think community, not classrooms. The downtown campus offers modern classrooms...and so much more. Students live a full, busy life. Bow Valley does it's best to make earning an education easier. From fresh food to a medical centre and child care, the Calgary campus has everything students need to make their student life more enjoyable.

Location: From beautiful riverside paths to popular restaurants, Bow Valley College's downtown campus puts students where the excitement is. Enjoy lunch on a grassy riverbank in Calgary's East Village, or meet up with friends to explore the popular Stephen Avenue. Study on a sunny campus rooftop patio or in a cozy coffee shop. Find all that downtown Calgary has to offer, right at their doorstep. 


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Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
College Certificate - Administrative Professional (OA) 1 Year CAD 13,073
College Certificate - Education Assistant (EA) 1 Year CAD 12,961
College Certificate - Hospital Unit Clerk (UC) 1 Year CAD 13,574
College Certificate - Human Resources (HRM) 1 Year CAD 15,917
College Certificate - Medical Office Assistant (MOA) 1 Year CAD 13,224
College Certificate - Veterinary Office Assistant (VOA) 1 Year CAD 12,824
College Diploma - Addiction Studies - Aboriginal Focus (AASD) 2 Year CAD 11,888
College Diploma - Business Administration - Digital Marketing (Optional Co-op) (BADM) 2 Year CAD 16,800
College Diploma - Business Administration - Event Management (Optional Co-op) (BAEM) 2 Year CAD 15,904
College Diploma - Business Administration - Financial Services (Optional Co-op) (BAFS) 2 Year CAD 16,040
College Diploma - Business Administration - General Business (Optional Co-op) (BAGB) 2 Year CAD 15,122
College Diploma - Business Administration - Human Resources (Optional Co-op) (BAHR) 2 Year CAD 15,906
College Diploma - Business Administration - Insurance and Risk Management (Optional Co-op) (BARM) 2 Year CAD 16,025
College Diploma - Business Administration - Integrated Marketing and Communications (Optional Co-op) (BAM) 2 Year CAD 16,216
College Diploma - Business Administration - Supply Chain Management (Optional Co-op) (BASC) 2 Year CAD 15,779
College Diploma - Child and Youth Care (CYCD) 2 Year CAD 16,611
College Diploma - Digital Design (DD) 2 Year CAD 23,452
College Diploma - Disability Studies (DCSD) 2 Year CAD 14,433
College Diploma - Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) 2 Year CAD 13,370
College Diploma - Information Technology Systems (ITS) 2 Year CAD 20,768
College Diploma - Interior Decorating (IDMD) 2 Year CAD 13,509
College Diploma - Justice Studies - Aboriginal Focus (JSAF) 2 Year CAD 12,826
College Diploma - Justice Studies - Correctional Studies (JSCS) 2 Year CAD 14,077
College Diploma - Justice Studies - General Justice (JSG) 2 Year CAD 12,464
College Diploma - Justice Studies - Law Enforcement (JSLE) 2 Year CAD 12,440
College Diploma - Legal Assistant (LAD) 2 Year CAD 12,877
College Diploma - Pharmacy Technician (PTE) 2 Year CAD 14,371
College Diploma - Social Work (SWD) 2 Year CAD 20,009
College Diploma - Software Development (SD) 2 Year CAD 18,476
International ESL - English Language Learning Program (ELL) 1.7 Year CAD 9,742
College Certificate - Health Care Aide (HCAD) 0.7 Year CAD 18,726
Post-Diploma Certificate - Health and Human Services Management (HHSM) 0.7 Year CAD 15,776
Post-Diploma Certificate - Kitchen and Bath Design (KBD) 1 Year CAD 19,772
Post-Diploma Certificate - Software Development (SDP) 0.7 Year CAD 19,721
Post-Diploma Certificate - Cybersecurity (CSP) 0.7 Year CAD 33,786
Post-Diploma Certificate - Digital Marketing (DMP) 0.7 Year CAD 18,357
College Certificate - Administrative Professional (OA) 0.8 Year CAD 13,073
College Certificate - Business Administration (AFM) 1 Year CAD 16,062
College Certificate - Disability Studies (DCSC) 1 Year CAD 13,609
College Diploma - Business Administration - (Optional Co-op) Accounting (BAA) 2 Year CAD 15,937
Business Administration Diploma - Integrated Marketing Communications Major 2 Year CAD 32,452
Business Administration Diploma - Digital Marketing Major 2 Year CAD 33,555
Business Administration Diploma - Accounting Major 2 Year CAD 32,437
Business Administration Diploma - General Business Major 2 Year CAD 32,467
Business Administration Diploma - Financial Services Major 2 Year CAD 32,452
Business Administration Diploma - Supply Chain Management Major 2 Year CAD 32,182
Business Administration Diploma - Insurance and Risk Management Major 2 Year CAD 32,467
Business Administration Diploma - Human Resources Major 2 Year CAD 32,422
Legal Assistant Diploma 2 Year CAD 26,292
Education Assistant Certificate. 1 Year CAD 12,891
Early Childhood Education and Development Certificate 1 Year -
Disability Studies Certificate 1 Year CAD 13,776
Digital Marketing Post-Diploma Certificate 1 Year CAD 18,369
Kitchen and Bath Design Post-Diploma Certificate 1.5 Year CAD 19,733
Data Management and Analytics Post-Diploma Certificate 1 Year CAD 18,369
Health and Human Services Management Post-Diploma Certificate 1 Year CAD 15,901
Cloud Computing Post-Diploma Certificate 1 Year CAD 25,446
Cybersecurity Post-Diploma Certificate 2 Year CAD 25,626
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Admission Requirements


Visa application form

Original valid passport with photocopy of biodata page

Use of representative Form (IMM 5476)

Police Clearance Certificates and Medical Reports

Academic Certificates

Proof of Funds

Official letter of acceptance from a Canadian university, college, or Technical Institute

College/University Fees Payment Receipt

G.I.C Payment Receipt or Education Loan Acceptance Letter

Statement of Purpose

Other relevant certificates

Intake Season & Deadlines

Fall Intake - September - Universities offers all the Courses to International students.

Winter Intake - January - Many Courses for students who missed fall intake.

Summer - April - Not all Universities offer courses in Spring Intake.

Courses Exams
Certificate Course
Diploma Course
English Course

You are required to provide English proficiency score:

Min IELTS overall: 3.5

Postgraduate Certificate - Diploma / Masters courses
Certificate program

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University City Calgary, Alberta
Size of city Small
Population of City 1,581,000
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