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Pointe-Claire, Quebec | Private University | Established 1970

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CDI College has a proven history of excellence across Canada and around the world. They pride themselves on having students choose their school, not because they are the biggest, but because they are the best. They have created an environment conducive to personal growth, goals, and happiness with the ultimate goal of providing fast, focused, and relevant career training. CDI's international students enjoy a number of benefits when studying in Canada due to one of the highest standards of living in the world. CDI College has furthered this by simplifying our international application process and having frequent start dates throughout the year.

The business, technology, and health care sectors are constantly evolving and employers in these fields continue to seek out well-trained candidates for the job. CDI College graduates have been successful in meeting the employment requirements of all these industries. This success is a result of CDI College's strong curriculum, learning outcomes and frequent formal industry consultations. CDI College maintains close ties with the business, technology and health care industries to continually assess our curriculum and gain insight about industry needs. Through these consultations, they've learned that employers want graduates that are knowledgeable about their field and possess the suitable skill set. As a result, CDI students receive focused and specialized training on the software, tools and equipment used in their chosen career field. They even work on projects that will prepare them for the challenges they'll face on the job.

Why CDI College - Pointe Claire

Training: Get trained in less time than one thinks: CDI College understands that many people want to continue their education, but can't afford the time or money required to earn a four-year degree. While students in other schools are still in the classroom, CDI College graduates are already in the workplace.

Faculty: Learn from seasoned industry professionals: CDI College's instructors bring years of professional experience into the classroom. Having spent time in the fields they teach, they are able to enhance curricula to meet the needs of potential employers. In addition to field experience, our teachers are also able to provide you with the one-on-one attention you deserve because our classes are smaller and more focused than at other schools.

Practical: Get an education you can put to use: You will receive hands-on training using many of the same tools and equipment used by professionals in the field. You'll also work on projects that will prepare you for challenges faced on the job. CDI College focuses on providing quality programs that integrate professional skills and career-focused education.

Location: A municipality within the city of Montreal, the Pointe-Claire campus is located west of Dorval and is a popular shopping destination in the region. The city is home to the largest shopping centre on the Island of Montreal, Fairview Pointe-Claire, which has more than 200 stores and restaurants and the CDI College Pointe-Claire campus is just minutes away! Students looking for a bit more culture can head to the Stewart Hall Art Gallery in their free time. The gallery is housed in a beautiful mansion on the shores of Lake St. Louis and has rotating exhibitions year-round. For quiet study time, students can head to Pointe-Claire's Central Library. Bordering Parc Terra Cotta on Avenue Douglas Shand, the library is the perfect place to escape to catch up on homework or cram for upcoming exams. Like all CDI College campuses, Pointe-Claire is easily accessible by transit and by car, which makes commuting to and from school as convenient as possible.


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Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
Attestation of College Studies - Paralegal Technology (JCA.1F) 2 Year CAD 14,797
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Techniques Juridiques (French) (JCA.1F) 2 Year CAD 14,797
Attestation of College Studies - Early Childhood Education (JEE.13) 2 Year CAD 13,938
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Techniques D'éducation à L'enfance (French) (JEE.13) 2 Year CAD 13,938
Attestation of College Studies - Web Design (LCA.C0) 2 Year CAD 13,938
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Design Web (French) (LCA.C0) 2 Year CAD 13,938
Attestation of College Studies - Specialist in Applied Information Technology - Medical Office Assistant (LCE.3V) 2 Year CAD 13,938
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Spécialiste en Technologies de L'information Appliquées à la Bureautique - Assistant Administratif en Milieu Médical (French) (LCE.3V) 2 Year CAD 13,938
Attestation of College Studies - Financial Management (LEA.AC) 2 Year CAD 13,938
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Gestion Financière Informatisée (French) (LEA.AC) 2 Year CAD 13,938
Attestation of College Studies - Network and Internet Security Specialist (LEA.AE) 2 Year CAD 15,976
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Gestionnaire en Réseautique - Spécialiste Sécurité (French) (LEA.AE) 3 Year CAD 15,976
Attestation of College Studies - Programmer Analyst/Internet Solutions Developer (LEA.9C) 3 Year CAD 15,157
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Programmeur-Analyste Orienté Internet (French) (LEA.9C) 3 Year CAD 15,157
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Programmeur-Analyste Orienté Internet (French) (LEA.9C) 3 Year CAD 15,157
Attestation of College Studies - 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design (NTL.0Z) 2 Year CAD 16,048
Attestation of College Studies - Supply Chain Management (LCA.FL) 2 Year CAD 10,000
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Gestion de l’Approvisionnement (French) (LCA.FL) 2 Year CAD 14,775
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Gestion des Médias Sociaux (French) (NWY.1W) 2 Year CAD 14,775
Attestation of College Studies - Special Care Counselling (JNC.1U) 2 Year CAD 15,726
Attestation D'études Collégiales - Techniques d’Éducation Spécialisée (French) (JNC.1U) 2 Year CAD 15,726
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Admission Requirements


Passport [Front & Back Pages]

Birth Certificate

School Leaving Certificate

10th & 12th/Equivalent Educational Marksheets with transcripts. if any

English Proficiency Test Result

Passport Size Photograph

Intake Season & Deadlines

Fall Intake - September - Universities offers all the Courses to International students.

Winter Intake - January - Many Courses for students who missed fall intake.

Summer - April - Not all Universities offer courses in Spring Intake.

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University City Pointe-Claire, Quebec
Size of city smallest
Population of City 31,380
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